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Applications End users with mission-critical applications benefit from the implementation of FOUNDATION-based control systems. View presentations describing fieldbus projects around the world.

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Old May 9th, 2007, 06:46 PM
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Oil and Gas Application

Chevron El Segundo - Chris Lynch - Long Beach Fieldbus Seminar - May 3 , 2007

Ultra Low Sulphur Gasoil Production (MOL Danube Refinery); Agoston Balasa, MOL

Bonny Island, Nigeria Export Gas Compressor with FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Smar; Arjan Asbreuk, Siemens, and Leo van den Hoorn, Imtech

Gas Flow Computing with FOUNDATION Fieldbus Technology; Ed Morrison, Automated Services

Integration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus into SCADA Systems Benefits & Growth within the Industry; Deon Rae, Chevron Texaco

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Implemenation in Grassroots SAGD Facility; Jeff Henning and Justin Habetler, Colt Engineering

Horizon Oil Sands Project Implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil Production in Mol Danube Refinery; Laszlo Toth, MOL

Client & EPC Experiences with Fieldbus Pre-SIFT/SIFT Practices; J.E. Jamison, Jamison & Associates

The Sakhalin II Project; Hans Rill, Sakhalin Energy

Shell Deer Park Refinery Fieldbus Benefits and Productivity Gains; Roger Erfurdt and Herman Storey, Shell

FOUNDATION Fieldbus at Suncor Firebag - Where's the Value?; Suncor

Firebag Project; Wes Merger, Suncor

Fieldbus Engineering and Commissioning Learning on the OPTI Upgrade Project - June/07 - Calgary Seminar

FOUNDATION Fieldbus the Practical Side - June/07 - Calgary Seminar

Evaluation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus for Greenfield Oil Sands Project - Brad Schneider, Fort Hills - June/07 - Calgary Seminar

End User Perspective (Reliance) - Jerp Project - August/07 - Mumbai, India Seminar

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Made for Scada - Feb/07 General Assembly, Houston, TX
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Chevron.pdf (1.13 MB, 4021 views)
File Type: pdf ultralow_sulphurproduction_danube_0404.ppt.pdf (1.69 MB, 3792 views)
File Type: pdf bonny_island_siemens_0404.ppt.pdf (6.91 MB, 4099 views)
File Type: pdf gas_flow_computing_0904.ppt.pdf (3.64 MB, 3704 views)
File Type: pdf integration_scada_systems_0904.ppt.pdf (5.88 MB, 3137 views)
File Type: pdf grassroots_sagd_facility_0605.ppt.pdf (1.02 MB, 3637 views)
File Type: pdf horizon_oilsands_0605.ppt.pdf (964.1 KB, 3564 views)
File Type: pdf ultralow_sulphur_oilgas_productionT_0404.ppt.pdf (1.41 MB, 4136 views)
File Type: pdf sift_epc_experiences_0605.ppt.pdf (388.2 KB, 4547 views)
File Type: pdf sakhalin_0504.ppt.pdf (833.4 KB, 4214 views)
File Type: pdf shell_deer_park_refinery_0305.ppt.pdf (1.58 MB, 4160 views)
File Type: pdf suncor_firebag_0906.pdf (2.81 MB, 3564 views)
File Type: pdf wesmeger_suncor_0605.ppt.pdf (1.66 MB, 4008 views)
File Type: pdf OPTI 0607.pdf (461.4 KB, 4170 views)
File Type: pdf TrueNorthAutomation 0607.pdf (4.92 MB, 3491 views)
File Type: pdf FortHills 0607.pdf (72.0 KB, 3531 views)
File Type: pdf Reliance End User Perspective Project 8-07.pdf (4.61 MB, 6436 views)
File Type: pdf bp-0207.pdf (3.91 MB, 3884 views)

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