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Old August 12th, 2003, 11:56 AM
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> BP is using the DeltaV "H1 Carrier" in the configuration that was being> sold> in 1q2001.> > Ours is not a "bus powered" device, at least not per my definition. I> suppose the "carrier" itself may be, but the individual I/O cards require> a> separate power supply. Both DI and DO need such a power supply. This> raises> some of the same issues we have with "legacy" remote I/O, for example:> > * Do I want to string my 120 VAC UPS around the plant? (IMHO I'd rather> not)> > * Do I want to string my high-integrity 24 VDC auctioneered I/O power> around> the plant? (not me)> > * Do I want to rely on a "local" 24 VDC power supply and "field" quality> AC?> (Not particularly)> > That said, I am using it with "local" 24 VDC power, hedging that> diagnostics> will tell me when the local power goes down, and this won't happen at the> same instant my control scheme needs this I/O, and also with the> realization> that if the "field" AC goes down, the MOV's I'm moving won't have power> either.> > What would be better would be a purely bus-powered incarnation of this> device (and also one that had interoperability certification). That way, I> can install a suitably redundant (or not) segment power conditioner at the> control house end, and be done with it. I accept that we'll still have> issues with field power of some DO's (due to current limitations) . . .> > John Rezabek


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